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Dave and Ken Tellier of Tellier's Auto Body
Dave and Ken Tellier
3rd generation owners


Welcome to Tellier's Auto Body Inc.

In 1929, the year of the historical crash of Wall Street, Albert Tellier started Tellier's Auto Body Inc, one of Massachusetts auto industry's longest running success stories. For 20 years, Albert Tellier worked hard to establish the business and create a following of dedicated customers.

Surviving the Great Depression was not easy, but Albert had created a successful auto body business which was eventually passed on to his son Roland in 1950. Roland Tellier became the president of the Associaton of Autobody Craftsmen, solidifying his reputation as a top-notch artisan of the trade.

In the mid-70's, Roland's two sons, Dave and Ken, started working in the shop, creating the 3rd generation of a family tradition to learn the art of the auto body industry. In 1992, Dave and Ken, took over the business. Now years later, Tellier's Auto Body Inc. continues what Albert Tellier started in 1929 - creating a reputation through the satisaction of their customers, one repair at a time.



Tellier's Auto Body Inc.
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